Other Coupon Sources

There are several other sources for coupons.

1. All You Magazine – This is a magazine available only at Walmart or through subscription. It is chock full of coupons, money saving tips and recipes.

2. From Free Samples – When you register to receive a free sample of a product. The company will often include a coupon with the sample.

3. Catalina – These are the coupons that print out with your receipt at the grocery store.

4. Peelies – These are coupons that are stuck to packages or products.

5. Blinkies – These are coupons that pop out of the dispensers located in the grocery store aisles.

6. Coupon Clipping Services – You can buy coupons from Coupon Master or Coupon Clippers. Why would you do this? Well I bought some dog treat coupons the other day. There were $2/1 coupons and Target marked the treats down to $2.02. I paid $3 for about 20 coupons. Then I bought 20 pouches of treats. Total cost $3.40.  Now I’m stocked on dog treats for a long time!


2 responses to “Other Coupon Sources

  1. Thanks for all this information! I am newly married, expecting my first child, and a “coupon virgin,” so to speak! This was a GREAT help!

  2. Thank you for the website. I have used coupons a long time, but never to the extent that your site suggests. I am excited to get started. I am retired and on limited income so I think this will help out quite a bit.

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