January Report Card

My goal for 2009 is to only spend $40 per week at the grocery store and to use that extra savings to grow our emergency fund to six months worth of living expenses.

For 5 weeks I spent $198.74 versus a budget of $200. Success!!

So far we have 21% of our goal of 6 months of living expenses. Now we didn’t get all 21% this month, I just don’t have a before number. Next month I will. I think we could be a little more aggressive cutting back in other areas. We’ll see how future months go.

That’s my progress. How are you doing with your goals?


3 responses to “January Report Card

  1. My savings goals are not quite so well defined, but I have been making some changes, such as cancelling my book clubs, and going to the library instead. That is about $20 a month right there. I am inspired by your blog, and although I don’t know if I can do the $40 a week thing, I am motivated to use my savings from reading yours, and the others, to fatten my savings account as well. Thanks for all the great money saving tips, which I pass on to my daughters as well.

  2. How much were you spending per week before the challenge? I don’t think I read that.

    I am really saving this year, but haven’t put a number to it yet as to how much.

    • We were spending $50-$60 sometimes less depending on what we needed. But before I started couponing, we were spending $100-$120/week.

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