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Right now my blog is hosted on WordPress. I’m moving to self-hosted. This will enable me to make some changes to the blog that will make it better for you readers. My address will stay the same. I’m just letting you know because the migration will occur on Saturday morning.

You may experience some difficulty loading the site while we are transitioning. Hopefully, though, you won’t even notice and everything will go smoothly. Thanks for your patience. And get excited, you’re going to start to see some cool changes!


Walgreens Deals 2/8 – 2/18


Walgreens deals aren’t that good either. I hope things get better!

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes – 2/$5
-Use $3/2 Scrubbing Bubbles HERE
-Submit for $1/1 ESR#30 (Limit 4*)

Windex Wipes – 2/$5
-Use $1.50/1 Windex HERE
-Submit for $1/1 ESR#30 (Limit 4*)
-Submit for MIR up to $4.50 (SS 1/11)
Final Price = $2.50 Profit!

Gillette Fusion Gamer – $8.99
-Use $4/1 Gillette (PG 2/8 )
-Get $6 Register Rewards
Final Price = $1 Profit!

Pledge Fabric Sweeper 2/$7
-Use $2/1 Pledge HERE
-Submit for $1/1 ESR#30 (Limit 4*)
Final Price = $.50 each

Progresso Soup
-4/$5 with in-ad coupon
-Use $1.10 Progresso HERE
Final Price = $.15 each

*FYI – I listed 3 separate deals using ESR #30. The limit for that rebate is 4. Not 4 of each item – 4 total products.

That’s all I see but for a complete run down check out SlickDeals.

CVS Deals 2/8 – 2/14


I’m disappointed in the CVS deals this week. I don’t see that many great bargains.

Select Keebler or Nabisco – 5/$5
-Use $2/2 Ritz, Wheat Thins or Triscuit varieties (SS 01/25)

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze Razor – $7.99
-Use $4 Gillette Fusion (PG 2/8 )
-Get $4 ECB (Limit 5)
**Note the Limit for the month is 5. This offer will be available all month

Aleve 80 or 100 ct – $9.99
-Use $1/1 Aleve (SS 1/4 or HERE)
-Get $4 ECB (Limit 2)
Final Price = $4.99

Benefiber – $8.99
-Use $2 Benefiber (SS 11/16, SS 12/14, SS 1/4)
-Get $3 ECB (Limit 1)
Final Price = $3.99

Garnier Nutrisse or 100% Color $5.99
-Use $2 Garnier Nutrisse (RP 12/7)
-Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
Final Price = $1.99

M&M’s Cupid’s Mix 12.6 oz – 2/$6
-Get $2 ECB on 2 (Limit 1)
Final Price = 2/$4

Revlon Lip Prodcuts – BOGO (starting @ $7.99)
-Use 2 $2/1 Revlon (SS 1/11)
Final Price = $3.99 for 2

Glade Room Spray – $.99
-Use $1/2 Glade (SS 1/11)
Final Price = $.98/2

That’s all I see but for a complete run down check out SlickDeals.

FREE Alterna Sample


 Go HERE to request a free sample of an Alterna haircare product. It doesn’t specify what type of product you will be receiving. On the form you have to list your hair type so hopefully they will send you a product geared toward your hair needs.

Since one of the form fields is “Country” and another asks for a country code if no zip, Canadians, you might be able to get this one!

$25 Minute Clinic Coupon Book


A $25 coupon book was found at CVS on a display in the pain reliever aisle. The front is red, white and blue and says, “Up to $25 in savings” and has “Minute Clinic” and “CVS” printed under that. All coupons expire 3/31/09.

• $2 off any CVS Brand Allergy Remedies product
• $2 off any CVS Brand Children’s Remedy product
• $2 off any CVS Brand Cold Remedies product
• $1 off any CVS Brand Ear Care product
• $1 off any CVS Brand Eye Care product
• $1 off any CVS Brand Facial Tissues 200 ct. or larger
• $1 off any CVS Brand First Aid product
• $2 off any CVS Brand Hand or Body lotion 16 oz. or larger
• $1 off any CVS Brand Hand Sanitizer 8oz. or larger
• $1 off any CVS Brand Liquid Nutrition product
• $1 off any CVS Brand Medication Management product
• $2 off any CVS Brand Pain Relief Product $1.99 and up
• $2 off any CVS Brand Stomach Remedy product
• $2 off any CVS Brand Vitamin or Supplement
• $2 off any Life Fitness Foot Care Product
• $2 off any Life Fitness Vitamins or Supplements

Save the $2 off Vitamin coupon for the week of 2/15 when Vitamins are Buy 1 Get 2nd for $.01. Depending on type and size you pick this could equal FREE vitamins.

I’ll keep you updated on matching these to sale items. Please post a comment if you find it somewhere else other than the pain reliever aisle so we can all be on the lookout!

Teach Your Kids About Money


Many of you have specific goals you are meeting for 2009. Several of you have shared these with me. One reader is spending $60/week on groceries for her family of five. Another is saving for a down payment on a house. Another is working to make extra house payments this year. Many of you are working really hard to spend or save your money wisely. But are you passing that on to your kids?

A Lasting Lesson
My parents modeled good financial practices. One thing my father taught me is that you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have. As aggravating as it was as a teenager when I couldn’t have a fancy car or expensive jeans, I am grateful for the lesson now. I never put anything on my credit card that I couldn’t pay for right now and I am careful with my money.

abc_blocksThe ABCs of Money
Kids need to know how money works. You can start when they are young by helping them differentiate between needs and wants. They need new shoes. They want the ones with the transformer on them. You can also show them what money looks like and how to count it. I cheated my little brother out of lots of money because he counted everything, “One money, two money…” and I knew the difference between pennies and quarters! Don’t worry, my mom made me give it all back.

You can explain that money comes from working and that everybody has a job. Once they get a little older, you can assign them chores and give them an allowance if they complete all their chores for the week. Then they will learn that if they do their job, they make money. But if they don’t, their allowance will be docked and they won’t receive the full amount. Just like if one of us doesn’t show up for work. Budgeting is also a useful tool that you teach kids of any age.

shopaholicAnd when they are even older, you can talk with them about credit cards, checking accounts, bank interest and other things. This reminds me a little of the Shopaholic movie that comes out in a few weeks. She thought everyone had these magic cards that got them whatever they wanted. No one explained to her how they really worked until she was 20k in debt! You may think that is a fictional circumstance but there really are people out there with that kind of credit card debt. And part of the reason could be that their parents never explained the concept or the consequences to them.

Sharing With Others
You can also help your children develop a sense of social responsibility. One way is to model charity. Many families give money to their church or other religious organization. Some families give money to a community service organization or charity. You can let your children add a portion of their allowance to the family donation so they feel they have contributed too.

charityAnother valuable lesson is to teach your children that even in lean times, they can still share with others. They can donate their time instead of donating money. They can also donate their things. There are countless organizations that ask for gently used clothes and toys. You can further involve your children in the process by letting them pick the organization your family supports. You can narrow the list down to two or three and tell them about each one and let them pick. Then they feel involved.

Teaching your children from a young age about how to manage their money can help them grow up to be more responsible and knowledgeable. Plus, by teaching them to be savy spenders and savers, you might just get them off your payroll sooner!

Do you have any tips that have worked well in your family?

Childrens Shoe Sale at Amazon


Do your kids need new shoes? Amazon has select styles KID’S SHOES on sale today only (2/5) for $9.89.  A lot of them are up to 66% off.  There are a lot of sandals perfect for this summer as well as sneakers and other types of shoes.  Most are toddler and little kid sizes. They are eligible for free shipping if you have more than $25 in your order.  You can always use THIS LIST to find fillers.

Thanks Common Sense with Money!